Disount Vouchers presented as a courtesy from Corfu Selections can be produced by clicking on the website information of these suppliers and used during your holiday in Corfu. 

Vouchers available on our site include Discount on Free Wine at specified restaurants in Arillas, Sidari and Agios Stefanos Corfu.


Pictured opposite Paradise Restaurant, Sidari.

Paradise offers its customers a FREE half carafe of wine with your evening meal - see www.paradiserestaurantsidari.com for details and voucher click  on link

Situated in Central Sidari Paradise is open all day for lunches and evenings for dinner. 



Ozzy Oil, Bistro Restaurant, offers you a FREE 1/2 carafe of wine with your evening meal. See terms and conditions for offer.

Link into their website http://www.ozzyoil.com to see their menu and for voucher offer click http://www.ozzyoil.com/voucher.html

Situated in the resort of Agios Stefanos North West Corfu, Kerry and Nikos look forward to meeting you during your holiday.










MountainMania Corfu, provides rentals on Baby Cots, Pushchairs, Highchairs, Wheelchaits and other holiday extras.

Originally situated in Sidari, high street, MountainMania under new management and run by Clive & Sally offers an on line booking service for the North and North West of Corfu as well as a delivery service bookable on line for delivery to the airport and other requested resorts in the North of Corfu.  For full details see their website http://www.mountainmaniacorfu.com  offers. 




Arillas Beach Point Grill Arillas NW Corfu 


Situated just across from the sandy beach of Arillas, The Arillas Beach Point offers evening visitors a free half carafe of wine with their evening grill dishes.  Please see terms and conitioins.  Click onto  http://www.corfuselections.com/point.html and voucher offer.


MountainMania - on line booking service for holiday rental extras 


Arillas Beach Point Grill Arillas Corfu